Wendy Keller was a terrific stylist. She came from some kind of wealth in Australia. I know that because she and friends owned a village in Tuscany. Wendy was polished and elegant and could do just about anything.

In the early days, Nike was thrifty (cheap) and we had to push buttons to do the work properly. In the first BO KNOWS campaign, I had to use the video guy for sound and Wendy did double duty, wardrobe and makeup.

We used oil and water for ‘sweat’ makeup and I needed a closeup of Bo’s face on the basketball court. Bo had the most amazing  body on Planet Earth. I told Wendy to ‘spritz’ him- sweat.

I went to the camera, turned, and saw Wendy rubbing Bo’s upper thighs with oil- way up in his shorts.

“Wendy, it’s a closeup of his face!”

“Joe, you do your job and I’ll do mine!”

‘nuf said.