Tony Scott

About the same time I became aware of Sir Ridley’s work, I saw his brother, Tony’s, astonishing as well, but different. I found Tony’s visual wit special. If Sir Ridley was Rembrandt, Tony was Andy Warhol. 

I would run into Tony in strange places, the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, for example.  He did fabulous commercials for Marlboro and was an adventurer himself, mountain climbing, for example.

Tony had an acute sense of color and the transformation of filmmaking through digital technology allowed the manipulation of filmmaking to get to new places.  We used the same colorist  and I once asked to apply a Tony Scott formula to something I was doing as an experiment and the colorist refused. 

My bad.

Sir Ridley once asked his brother why his camera moved so much, and Tony asked why his didn’t.

Sadly, Tony is no longer with us but I think of him, his energy, his charisma, charm, and I lament his loss.