Tom Landry

TOM LANDRY is part of a Doritos Super Bowl shoot. It involves a number of others as well, John Elway, Boomer Esiason, Lawrence Taylor, Mike Ditka, and Howie Long. Landry has aged and he is having trouble with his lines. Howie Long is tormenting him by making rude comments behind Landry that Landry either ignores or doesn’t hear.

Landry eventually gets it right.

Elway’s wife is there and is never more than a few feet away from him in every shot. I have no idea what she feels is going to happen. 

I discuss Mike Ditka with Landry as there was a glitch in Ditka’s career when he went from Chicago to Philadelphia and then to Dallas. Landry was fatherly in discussing Ditka saying that he felt that Ditka had something left despite being ineffective in Philly and Landry brought him to Dallas where Landry said that ‘Michael helped greatly in helping us win another Super Bowl.’

Later, I went to an enclosed part of the set to check the lighting and as I got to the top of the steps and peered through the door, Landry and Ditka were there reminiscing about old times. I tiptoed away.