The Last Shot

Michael and I were talking about his last shot as a Bull. I think we were filming an commercial with Gretsky and Elway. Michael was retired. We had just finished a game of two-on-two with MJ, his stand in, and my AC.

‘I knew I was gonna play.’


‘You aways get me to play and I promised myself that I wasn’t gonna play and as soon as I saw you, I wanted to kick your ass.’

‘Nice. Tell me something.’


‘Didn’t you take the Utah jumper a little too soon? There was still some time on the clock, around eight seconds.’

‘Nah. They weren’t gonna beat us. We played like shit and we still were in the game. Your boy messed up Malone so badly he forgot he was playing. All he had on his mind was messin’ Dennis up. We had that set up all night, we just waited.’

MY BOY was Dennis Rodman. Michael told me that Dennis did all kinds of vile things to Karl Malone when Malone would be in the pivot with Rodman playing all kinds of ‘creative D’ on him. I can’t really get into the details but all of Malone’s body parts were affected.

I don’t remember if I asked him about pushing off on Bryon Russell, and the fact that he took more shots than the rest of the team, but the thing that bothered me most when I saw it was his holding the follow through. I thought that was going to mess kids up for the rest of history, because everyone wants to be LIKE MIKE.

It did.