Sunshine Parker was an important actor in a few Henry’s commercials that we did. He was a perfect codger. We first used him in the ALASKA commercial where he and his partner traded their dog team for a case of Henry’s, a goof on the traditional Indian traders. The other was a cook on a roundup, probably based by Hal on the Walter Brennan character in RED RIVER. Sunshine was great in both, although he had the worst time doing the line, ‘brook trout almondine.’ Hal was so frustrated that he left the set, something he never did when there was dialogue. Sunshine finally came through, though. I think I shouted the line, because discussing it wasn’t working. I think we did about twenty takes, Kubrick like. I always felt that if ya didn’t get it after two or three, there was something wrong with you, or the script. Anyway, I think both spots Sunshine did got Gold Lions at Cannes, if that means anything to you.