I was shooting a spot for Fed Ex with the Detroit Red Wings hockey team. Fedorov was one of the players and he gave me a dirty look. We had worked once before on a L’il Penny Super Bowl Party spot for Nike. I shook his hand and re introduced myself and asked why he looked so grumpy.

‘Last time ve vorked, I only be in spot for two seconds.’

‘Not my fault. You should take it up with Phil Knight.’

The scene was with Fedorov and the fresh A- Rod. Both were impossibly young and impossibly handsome. I have no idea why Stacy cut them.


‘Anyway, I don’t know why you’re grumpy. You have a great girlfriend.’

At that time Fedorov was seeing Anna Kournikova, the gorgeous Russian tennis player. I was going to say ‘star’ but she never won a tournament. It was said that they started seeing each other when she was fifteen, but then Lolita was twelve.

‘Too bad she not just my girlfriend.’

I didn’t understand what he had just said so I left well enough alone. Someone came up to me later and said that Kournikova was cheating on Fedorov with Pavel Bure, then a New York Ranger.

Everything went okay for the shoot but Fedorov didn’t say goodbye.