Rodney Dangerfield

…in a Pepsi commercial?  …with Cindy Crawford?  …and Kramer?  …in a dress?  Okay.  I can make that work.  NOT.

‘Dangerfield won’t wear the dress.’

‘Isn’t that the joke?’


‘Is it in his contract?’


‘Then you’re screwed.’


The idea of the spot is that Cindy goes into a Pepsi Deprivation Tank and comes out as Rodney Dangerfield.  She has a spectacular red dress (or is it that she’s spectacular?).

Since Rodney Dangerfield isn’t a household name why didn’t they get someone that would wear the dress?

No answer. Too Logical?

There was a rumor going around that his mother made him wear a dress when he was a kid, but no one could verify it.

When I finally shot the spot, I didn’t really miss the dress although it could have been hysterical.  He did send me a huge bouquet of flowers the next day, though.