Rob Reiner

I’m shooting a Pepsi spot with Shaq celebrating his arrival in L.A. There is a scene with Rob Reiner directing Shaq in a movie where Shaq represents a version of the classic film hero, SHAFT.  Reiner does it great in the first take and is very funny.  The agency guys are asking for several versions, including the usual ‘panic take’ where they fear for their careers and lives.  I’ve known Rob Reiner for a while and have helped in several of his political causes.  He is a political activist, in addition to being a fine comedian and director.  I met Hillary Clinton at a party at his house.  I’m sure he used the fees for his performance here for one of his important causes.  Anyway he sees my frustration at the pesky agency folk and asks me if it’s always like this in commercials.  I reply that this was nothing.  He just shook his head.