Porky Pig

…so at the end of the HARE JORDAN spot, Michael pulls open the screen and says, ‘That’s All Folks!”  Porky appears and says, “Th-th-that’s my line!’ Porky has been stuttering since his introduction in 1935. It’s a part of his insecure character, perhaps not a speech impediment.  He also never wears pants. It’s assumed that Porky is a male but there is no evidence of any ‘manhood.’ Perhaps he’s a eunuch. No one has ever heard him sing, though.

As soon as the spot airs, Nike is hammered by the National Stuttering Project as being offensive to their cause. They also complained about the ‘look’ Michael gave Porky after Porky interrupts him. The ‘Project’ also tried to give Nike a ‘Pig Headed Award’ for Nike’s ‘disrespectful treatment of animated pigs.’

There is no record of the success of the commercial in Muslim countries or Israel or why complaints against Porky took thirty years.