Pont des Arts

The Perrier shooting was almost completely improvisational.  We returned to Paris after some terrific stuff in the Dordogne and a silly trip to Vergeze but I want to film some street stuff.

I don’t know why I’m alone on the Pont des Artes waiting for the camera truck and Vincent but I am.  I’m walking around looking while the world is passing by.  I spot two lovers nuzzling each other while walking slowly across the bridge.  I look around for the camera vehicle and it’s nowhere to be seen.  I follow the couple as they go toward the rear entrance of the Louvre, hoping they don’t go into the museum.  They don’t.  I dash back to the bridge and Vincent and the camera truck have arrived.

‘We don’t have a permit to film here.’

‘Two things, put the camera together, and come with me.’

We rush to where I last saw the couple and I explain the situation to Vincent.  He has to engage them and hope that they will come back to the bridge so I can film them.  We spot them several blocks away and Vincent rushes over and approaches them.  Vincent is the most charming human on the planet and he succeeds.

There is not enough light to photograph (according to the meter) but I trust the Zeiss high speed lenses.  There is no time for focus marks but Olivier does a magnificent job with his eye.

We get the shot and aren’t arrested.