We were shooting in the south of Ireland in Kinsale, and staying at a wonderful old hotel, full of tradition. We were told that we had to wear a necktie to dinner.

We didn’t bring any ties.

That day Austin and I were scouting and stopped at a roadside shop for gas and sweets and bought a couple of souvenir Irish neckties, shamrocks, and leprechauns and stuff. We were a hit at dinner. The waitstaff was always there. We would have breakfast very early and then dinner late after the days filming. The sweet Irish lasses were always there. I asked one about the hours they worked and she said that they would go home between meals.

We were there for a few days and when we wrapped we chartered a small plane to Dublin.

“What did you do with your tie?”

“I left it in my room.”

“Me, too.”

The pilot said we were delayed for a short while as there something coming from the hotel. We waited. A car pulls up and one of the lovely lasses jumps out of the car and rushes toward the plane.

“Mr. McCann, Mr. Pytka. You forgot your ties!!!”