My Best Work is Liquid

Hal Riney was a legendary drinker.  As the old joke goes, “I didn’t know he drank ’til I saw him sober.”  I wanted to speak to him once and I called him really early in the morning to be sure he’d remember.  I think it was before ten.  He answered a slurred ‘Hellloo.’  I knew it was too late.  When I asked a colleague about this, he said that Hal got to the office VERY early to get  a start on the day.  On a shoot, once, we got Hal a great bottle of Bourbon and it upset him.  He made a reference for it being a ‘designer Bourbon,’ ‘trendy.’ He would feel guilty drinking it.  Ed McCabe (a Martini guy) once told me that Hal had said, in looking back, that his best work was liquid.  Henry’s. Gallo, Bartles & Jaymes, Perrier proved he was right.