Mike Piazza

I’m shooting an ESPN spot with Mike Piazza.  It’s a quick thing at Dodger Stadium early in the season, one or two takes.  The spot just has him saying a quick line or two sitting in the stands in normal wardrobe.

‘Do you want me to wear a Dodger cap?’

‘Dodger cap? No. It’s not about that.’


We finish the shoot and drive to the next location. Listening to the radio we hear that Piazza has been traded. Thank goodness we didn’t use a Dodger cap. Piazza, the Dodgers’ best player was traded to save money.

Years go by and Piazza is elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame.  He refuses to wear a Dodger cap.

In his bio, Piazza wrote. ‘I just wouldn’t feel comfortable with LA stamped on my head for all eternity.’