Michael Richards

Pepsi signed Michael Richards for a summer promotion. He created a version of Jerry Lewis’ NUTTY PROFESSOR. The stuff was kinda cute but not as special as it could have been. The ultimate spot was a Super Bowl spot with Michael, Cindy Crawford, and Rodney Dangerfield. It involved a sort of deprivation tank (the spot was named DEPRIVATION TANK). It should have been a three-day shoot but we had to shoot it in one long, long day for some scheduling reason. Both Michael and Rodney were pains in the ass. We had a malfunctioning prop and it caused a delay in the morning. Michael came storming onto the set screaming about the delay. I asked him if this was part of an act he was preparing. If it was, it wasn’t so funny. The clients had run away when Michael had appeared. I showed him the dangerous situation that we were trying to rectify and he appeared to calm down. He got me later when he demanded a teleprompter for his dialogue. I had laid out a long steadicam shot but the camera could not accommodate the prompter so I had to give up my Stanley Kubrick instincts and break up the shot into small pieces (the hallway was too narrow and rough for a dolly).

Rodney Dangerfield was another problem. He wouldn’t wear the red dress that the script called for and was surly, probably because his call time was too early.  He is used to performing late at night.

Cindy complained that I saved her stuff for last. Why? I said that if you think I want to be alone with Michael Richards or Rodney Dangerfield at two AM you’re nuts.

I’m sure you’re all aware of Michael Richards’ fate.