Lawrence Taylor

Lawrence Taylor, considered the greatest middle linebacker in football history (although I prefer Dick Butkus and Jack Lambert), is onstage for a commercial shoot for the Super Bowl.  Doritos.  Others there are Mike Ditka, Tom Landry, John Elway, Howie Long, and Boomer Esiason. Great group. The shoot is complicated because of extensive makeup and set changes during the shoot. We’re also filming a number of commercials. In between setups, I play bas­ketball with Boomer. One of the agency creatives, in a panic, approaches and tells me that Taylor is upset because I’m playing basketball instead of filming. The agency guy also tells me that Taylor is going to ‘kick my ass.’ I tell the agency guy that the lighting crew is relighting the new setup and tell Taylor that is why I’m playing basketball and that if he still wants to kick my ass I’ll be on the court. Boomer laughs.

I don’t hear anything back but Taylor doesn’t show for the next day’s shoot. The account guy gives me the news and asks (pleads), ‘What are we gonna do?’

‘Simple, we shoot with six guys instead of seven.’

We did and didn’t miss him. I guess he didn’t need the money.