Mike sadly passed a few years ago. He and I had a checkered relationship. Mike loved working with Leslie Dektor but they had a spat and Mike called me to take over his Dockers campaign. The campaign that Mike and Leslie did was completely improvised and I told Mike he’d better start writing because I wasn’t going to sit around wasting film listening to actors trying to be meaningful. Mike spent the weekend working on scripts and they were wonderful. We worked together for years after that doing a lot of stuff together with a lot of experimental work that never ran. Mike was incredibly devoted to his client (Levi’s) and refused to do work calculated to win awards. He said the only reward he needed was the satisfaction of doing work that did its job. Mike’s smoking finally did him in. He was so passionate about it that he used to take a flight from San Francisco to London, then to New York so he could smoke (on international flights). Crazy. We once did a shoot in Europe and he took a car to every different location rather than fly. The DOCKERS color campaign was a paean to the product and brilliant. I shot it grudgingly and I was completely wrong.  Mike was a poet and I miss him.