Jerry Andelin

It’s hard to speak of Hal Riney’s work without speaking of Jerry.  Jerry was Hal’s creative partner on all the work we did.   Jerry had impeccable taste and it dovetailed perfectly with Hal’s, probably because they worked together so long.  Jerry was an excellent illustrator and could create the attitude for a piece of work or a reaction with a simple sketch.  I’m not sure we ever got along well, probably because he drove a Morgan, or so he said.  I never saw it myself.  I never trusted wooden cars.  I tried to get Jerry to work with Mike Koelker on Levi’s but he wouldn’t leave Hal.  I wasn’t being malicious, but after Saturn, the agency changed and became less personal.  I taunted him about his ‘partnership’ with Hal and he wouldn’t respond, his face would just get flushed.  I don’t know whether he saw much money when Hal sold out but he’s retired now and seems to be doing okay.  He remained unknown to the advertising public although he was a part of magnificent work.  That’s a shame but he doesn’t appear to mind it. He just goes his own way as always.