AMEN CORNER (Jack Nicklaus)

I’ve never worked with Jack Nicklaus, met Jack Nicklaus, nor liked Jack Nicklaus.  So?  I grew up in Western Pennsylvania and we worshipped Arnold Palmer.  Nicklaus knocked Palmer from his pedestal.  Then, Tiger chased Nicklaus’ career stuff and looks like he’s gonna fall short.  I’ve never been a golf lover, it being a game rather than a sport.  It can’t be that tough if a fatass like John Daley can pound the ball like that. Competition is another thing but where does Nicklaus come in?

I’m filming an IBM commercial at Augusta and am wearing golf clothes because our crew has to ‘blend in.’  We are at Amen Corner and have to move away from the course into the rough as a foursome is playing through.  They hit their balls onto the thirteenth fairway and the foursome starts up the hill, three on one side and one on the other, closest to us.  Our security whispered to us that it was Jack Nicklaus.  As he passed he stared right ahead with his famous scowl.  I asked security why he would be so pissed.

He’s playing with his kids.

This was a month before The Masters and it was over twenty years since Nicklaus’ miraculous win at Augusta.  Did he still have that mindset?

I guess.