I’ll Have me Money Now

Shooting in Scotland with Mike Koelker. We’re there to get the color GREEN for Dockers but we pass a beautiful field with harvested hay that is great for tan.  The field has the rounded hay bales unique to the area and to make things even better, two beautiful black Labs appear, frolicking in the fields.

In the distance a pickup truck is approaching.  It’s the farmer, who’s spotted us and is on his way.  As he approaches I ask the location manager to make a deal, that we’d like to spend a little time there with his fields and dogs as a background.

The two spend a little time together and then the location manager approaches me.

‘What did he say?’

‘Well, we made a deal…’


‘He just said, ‘I’ll have me money now.”

I was rewatching Hitchcock’s great THE 39 STEPS and there’s a Scottish character that is exactly the same fellow.