George Harrison

I’m in the Abbey Road studios and McCartney, George Martin, Neil Aspinall, and George Harrison are listening to master tapes, preparing for the ANTHOLOGY series.

George asks:

Where are you from?

I’m from Pittsburgh. It’s sort of…the Liverpool of the United States.

Ah…you’re Joe Pittsburgh, then.

George was witty and perceptive.  He didn’t like the project much but was cooperating with his former mates. He called it FREE AS A TURD.

When he saw his portion of the projected budget he said, ‘I’d rather have a McLaren.’ A McLaren was an expensive sports car and Harrison was great friends with Damon Hill, the Formula One World Champion who drove for McLaren.  In fact, we had to send scripts and storyboards to him as he was traveling with the McLaren Formula One team to Australia, Japan, wherever.  He did like the video eventually (I think) and he did finally get his McLaren. I heard he kept it on an Oriental carpet in his garage.