FedEx Oz

This wuz fun.  Donna Weinheim had an idea.

The munchkins voices are changing and they order helium to get back on pitch.

Brilliant.  The agency wanted build sets and I said shoot it all against green.

‘Will that work?’

‘Yeah, and it’ll save you a lot of money.’

The miracle is the little guy, Marty Klebba, that had to do all the work. He was a gifted dancer and Vince Paterson studied the choreography of the movie.  Dorothy made a cameo as did the witch’s feet.

Johnny Semerad did a terrific job blending the new and the old digitally, but the commercial only ran once because the society of inhalers, or something like that objected to the balloon idea.  A few other anti anti’s got on board and that was that.

The commercial ran only once.