I had a basketball move they call the drop step. I think I got it from watching Elgin Baylor when I was in high school. My teammate/buddy, Bill Costello, and I worked on moves from the few times we could see Baylor on television. I used it at Pitt in a scrimmage and coach stopped to the scrimmage and admonished me saying he never wanted to see anything like that again.  I never understood why he did that since I was a very very very lowly scrub.

I don’t remember what the spot was but Bird, Michael, and I, and a few others, were playing between takes and we had a pro ref as well. Bird called me for a travel and we started to argue. MJ said ‘you can’t talk to Bird that way.’ I then started to argue with Michael and he called the ref to support Bird’s call. The ref agreed with Bird. I started to argue with the ref as well, then I showed him the move in slow motion.


They saw that I didn’t move my pivot foot, although it looked like I did.

Some time goes by and I’m watching Michael play the Knicks. He uses the move, the ref doesn’t call a travel, and the Garden crowd goes wild, complaining. I’m not sure Spike was there.