I had a huge fight with the record company about the video. They wanted to pull the footage and edit themselves because the idea for the video was for Michael to become a rocker. That’s why Steve Stevens was in there (with his twenty thousand dollar suit).

I’m not sure what the issues were but the record company sent a young guy in a suit to speak of the issues. He was unqualified and corporate. After a few threats, I cut the thing myself on a flatbed KEM, and my poor editor, Sean, cried every day because of my pressure.

Well, the song became a number one and that was the purpose of the video. It’s ignored a bit when Michael’s legacy is discussed, but there’s a terrific story about it. Michael was laying a concert in London and Princess Diana asked if he was going to perform DIRTY DIANA. He told her that he wasn’t, out of respect for her. 

Diana said she was disappointed because the song was her favorite.