Debra Winger

I was doing these character/dialogue driven spots for LEO BURNETT for CHEER.   At that time CHEER was their flagship account and was under Norman Mews’ personal supervision.  We would have to film many versions and interpretations of the dialogue.  After the first good take, I said, “Great.”  Debra started to get up and leave.  I told her that we weren’t finished, that we had much, much more work to do.  She was upset because there was a screening of her first movie, a disco epic, THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY.  She never understood all the versions we had to film and I think she missed the screening.  Nevermind, a year or two later she had established herself as one of our finest actresses of the time.  Alas, the commercial has disappeared, faded into oblivion.  I can’t find a copy and it’s probably just as well.