David Crosby

Ted Bell and I did a spot for AT&T using David Crosby’s LONG TIME GONE. The spot was about a soldier traveling through Vietnam following his father’s path a generation and a half before. AT&T wasn’t going to run the spot. Ted asked me to see David and have David plead the case for the commercial. I was there in David’s house in the Santa Ynez Valley killing some time while the video guys set up. I looked at his TWO Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Awards. I turned to David and asked why two?  He looked at me like I was the village idiot and said, ‘The Byrds.’  Shut my mouth. David used his son when he re-recorded the song for the spot. He told me that he heard a musician that sounded too much like him and when he investigated, he was his long estranged son who he hadn’t seen since the boy was a child. They reunited and were able to collaborate on this song.