Dave Kennedy

Dave was (is) the heart and soul of the great advertising agency, Wieden and Kennedy.  He and his partner, Dan Wieden, formed an advertising agency in Portland, Oregon, to live a sane, civilized, small town life, free from the pressures of New York and Chicago.  Well, they succeeded beyond their wildest dreams, creating a creative megaforce (thanks to an equally iconoclastic client, Phil Knight, of NIKE).  Dave ‘retired’ a while ago to spend more time sculpting.  He also realized a dream of his (and graciously allowed me to be a part of it) by working with the American Indian Community doing commercials for the American Indian College Fund.  This project changed my life by opening my eyes to a vision of history that I didn’t know existed.  Dave was taken into the Blackfoot Tribe in a ceremony that I will never forget.  He is a great man in many ways.