Chevy Chase

Chevy Chase did a bunch of spots for Doritos to help promote his upcoming talk show. The public probably doesn’t understand that celebrities do these commercials for reasons other than the up-front money. The companies help sponsor the tours, promotion, etc. Madonna and Michael Jackson did these deals for that reason.  Their money was secure and they usually didn’t have to use their own. When Neil Young trashed the commercial I did for Eric Clapton, he didn’t realize that Eric had done the spot so Michelob could sponsor his tour.

Chevy, next to Jerry Lewis, was the funniest person I ever worked with. I hurt from laughing at his witty remarks. I waited for his show, knowing it would be a smash because of Chase’s humor.  Alas, the humor never showed up on the show and it tanked. He was too cautious. True wit hurts and I don’t think he wanted to hurt anyone.