Chateau Díf

IBM.  Paris.  Magic Box.  The Magic Box was a server and we are putting it into different places ‘round the world’ to show its necessary ubiquity.

We got chased from the Louvre in the morning.  I just got out of the car because the light was right and guards chased us as soon as they saw the camera.

We had permits for the other stuff—almost.

I was walking across Pont des Artes and looked down and saw an interesting intersection that had some nice markings.  I told the guys to place a small server at the edge of the sidewalk.

They did.

I filmed.

The next morning Michel, the AD was missing.

Where’s Michel?

At Police.


They have a surveillance video of us filming the server from the bridge.


Michel had to go to the police and explain since we had no permit.

Will he be okay?

We don’t know.

Michel talked his way out of it and we stayed true to our permits.