Bush Pilot Alaska

I’m scouting locations for a HENRY’S commercial for Riney. I’m in Alaska because the commercial takes place in Alaska.  Riney and I had a fight during our last shoot. I think we fought after every shoot, but here I am in a bush plane. There are no roads in Alaska. The only way to get anywhere is dog sled or plane.  I chose the plane. The pilot speaks.

‘Oh shit!’


‘We’re socked in.’

‘What does that mean?’

‘I can’t get my bearings. We could hit a mountain.’

‘Aren’t we close to the sea?’


‘Then fly west ‘til you’re over the sea, then descend until you can see.That way you won’t hit a mountain and you can get your bearings.’

‘Good idea.’

We descended, visibility was okay when we neared the ocean, and we got our bearings and I lived to tell the tale.