She doesn’t like her. ‘She’ is the executive creative director. ‘Her’ is the actress.


‘She’s fat.’

‘Of course, she’s fat. She’s playing Brunnhilde and Brunnhilde has always been fat. Fat is funny and she’s the funniest actress. She’s wearing a helmet. She’s carrying a spear. Watch ‘What’s Opera, Doc.’  It ain’t over until the fat lady sings.’

‘I’m not sure this is supposed to be funny.’

‘Are you kidding?’


‘Call Dan.’ (Dan Wieden, the head of the agency.)

I speak to Dan.

‘We’re a little confused here. Is this spot supposed to be funny?’

‘It better be fucking funny.’

We use her. The spot gets a Gold Lion at Cannes. I don’t think the ECD has ever forgiven me.