Chris came to me with a sort of PSA. It was a commercial for a company BUILDING FOR AMERICA’S BRAVEST. They were dedicated to building special needs homes for vets that were catastrophically injured and put a physical and emotional strain in their families. We only filmed guys although there are women that are suffering as well. I don’t have answers to that question, but the issue is why aren’t these military people taken care of by our government? An irony is that they fought and sacrificed with their trust in two unnecessary wars, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Spending a couple of days with these guys was heartbreaking yet strangely positive. They were confident, assured, and intelligent young men. Their loss is society’s loss and their eventual contributions to a society have been compromised and for what, to be war machines and nothing else, just waiting for some sort of contrived war.

Jut think what good these fine people could contribute in an altruistic manner rather than ‘being a soldier.’

Gore Vidal wrote a book, PERPETUAL WAR FOR PERPETUAL PEACE. He dissects the absurdity of the wars that are waged to support business interests. I won’t get into any of the details but where is the logic to Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan. I can’t find any and the waste of the talents of these gifted people is a criminal tragedy.