Out of the blue, I get a script for an Anheuser-Busch commercial for the Super Bowl involving soldiers at an airport and the people applauding.  It’s based on a Bud Light Olympics commercial I did years before, two farmers applauding the Olympic Torch as the runner passes by. I scoff at the idea, but I’m told it’s based on true incidents. I remain skeptical and I’m also wary of exploiting the situation for advertising purposes, but television is becoming more ‘liberal.’ The use of the American flag in commercials had been forbidden but because of cable, these rules weren’t enforced anymore.

No matter, I just wanted the thing to be right.

No product.

Real military, no actors.

I felt that if we use real military with the cooperation of the various services we would ‘do the right thing’ plus I wouldn’t have to direct.

They agree. It turns out that August Busch has a military adviser on his board and the idea was his. August being a patriot and owning the company supported the idea completely.

It was insanely easy to film as the soldiers were soldiers (and Marines and Naval personnel selected by the Military). Everyone understood he idea and didn’t have to be directed and some workers in a restaurant (at the airport) thought the thing was real and applauded. 

They made the cut.

Michael took issue with the spot saying the AB logo at the end corrupted it. I asked if he signed his Christmas Cards or Get Well cards.

End of complaint.

The spot is among the ones I’m most proud of, mostly because of the integrity and patriotism of August Busch, qualities that are lost with the hostile takeover of the company by the Belgians.