I was filming a segment of a Ray Charles Diet Pepsi spot for the Super Bowl in Tanzania.  We were in a Maasai village.  My daughter, Arielle, was less than a year old, a babe in arms, a Maasai chief’s arms.  I always took my family on exotic shoots, and this shoot went from China, through Russia, and now Tanzania.

The chief asked to hold her and she was comfortable in his arms.  The chief and our go between talked about Arielle, laughing and tickling her.  She seemed to be comfortable and enjoying the attention.

The go between approached me and said that chief wanted to buy her.

How much?

The go between spoke with the chief, then…

Six cows.

I thought for a moment.

Ten horses.

The go between speaks with the chief.

They don’t have horses.

I took Arielle back.

The chief looked sad.